Our legislative system offers many advantages to promote exchanges in the art market and especially the trade contemporary art.

As an entrepreneur, you benefit from a multitude of solutions enabling you to acquire an artwork at a lower cost. Whether your purchase is due to a desire to diversify your wealth, invest your cash in a sector independent of financial markets or simply for a desired purchase, you have the opportunity to optimize your taxation and develop a quality asset.

GRK ART INVEST offers you a wide choice of contemporary works listed and offers you the possibility to acquire them via:

  • Direct purchase
  • Artwork leasing

Do not hesitate to contact our team if you wish to obtain a customized proposal.


Upstream of the financial management, asset engineering enables to analyze all your assets and to organize them by offering the most appropriate assemblies to your situation.

  • Structuring the asset
  • Carried out by our asset engineers team, this analysis phase covers all assets held both personally and professionally. It consists of defining a consistent and evolving asset strategy, according to the needs you express to us.
  • Advice and support
  • The asset engineers intervention is reflected in a set of recommendations in the field of law and taxation.
  • Time tracking
  • As our business model evolves, our team is also responsible for offering adaptations of the initial strategy related to the new regulations and the changes that may occur in your personal or professional situation.