For Businesses and liberal professions:

Unlike direct purchase, which is accessible only to large businesses, leasing or artwork financial leasing can be an optimal solution to develop a quality artistic asset without a large need of your cash. It also makes it possible to save taxes and / or social security contributions up to 80% of the amount of your monthly payments.

Artwork leasing gives businesses the opportunity to acquire artworks while realizing substantial tax savings. Unlike Corporate Sponsorship related to living artists’ artworks, the Leasing solution for artworks is not subject to the fixed amortization period of 5 years; it does not limit depreciation to 0.5% of the turnover, allows a stronger tax exemption and offers more flexibility as to the future destination of the artworks.

It is also important to note that we will take great care to ensure that the commitment undertook by the company is consistent with its turnover and profits.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a complete and customized analysis.

For individuals:

To avoid releasing an excessive amount of your cash for the acquisition of an artwork, GRK ART INVEST offers you as an alternative a maximum of 5 years leasing of this work.

This solution allows you to avoid an excessive financial effort while preserving your debt ratio.

The presented artists and the works’ list is not complete, therefore, we invite you to contact us for any further information.

Each work is available for direct purchase or through our financial leasing program.

Please note that our financial leasing program is available for all artworks (GRK ART INVEST selection or others).

Advantages for businesses or liberal professions:

  • "Off-balance sheet" debt (No borrowing or lease commitments on the balance sheet)
  • The Corporation Tax saving generated is the sum of the rents paid during the year multiplied by the company's marginal tax rate. Thus, up to 33% of the rents paid during the year can be "tax-exempt". As the principle is the same for the liberal professions (with the scale of the Income Tax) with the additional advantage that is the reduction of social security contributions.
  • The company can recover VAT on these rents (for companies subject to VAT)
  • Leasing’s rents are deductible expenses
  • No registration in the company’s assets
  • No cash needed for the company that simply pays a monthly rent
  • Possibility to acquire the artworks at the end of the financing (for an amount agreed in advance and representing two monthly rents)

How it works:

  • Leasing for 24 to 48 months periods (or even 60 months for high unit amount works)
  • The work should be displayed on the company's premises and should be visible to higher number of people (during the leasing period)


  • For a work of €15.000 excluding tax, the monthly payments would be:
  • €675 excluding tax over 24 months
  • €468 excluding tax over 36 months
  • €363 excluding tax over 48 months
  • €303 excluding tax over 60 months
These prices are given for information purposes only. The coefficients used in the calculation of monthly payments can evolve each month. They depend on the work’s wear rate, duration and price.